Stacking Rock

Real Holey Rock Seller

What we call stacking rock has the appearance of a rock sponge and is the traditional “holey rock”. Every rock is unique and these can be stacked in infinite combinations to create the perfect natural holes and caves that your fish will love. This rock varies widely in appearance and composition. Natural color variations include white, off-white, grey, and shades of pink and salmon. For simplicity we offer small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. We recommend using 1-1.5 pounds of stacking rock per gallon of aquarium capacity. These work great in conjunction with our Upper Crust rocks. All rocks are pressure-washed with water from a deep well.
We offer this rock bleached as well as natural. This is strictly a personal preference and makes no difference to the health of your aquarium. Pictures of fish on this web page show all kinds and colors of stacking rock, bleached and natural. While we test the water in the rinsing tank after bleaching for chlorine, we encourage you to add de-chlorinator to your aquarium if adding bleached rock to be safe.
Small – At 1-6 pounds each, these make up the bulk of most displays in aquariums up to 100 gallons. More rocks give you more stacking combinations and the ability to create more caves and spaces between rocks. 
Medium- At 6-15 pounds each, these make great foundations for getting displays higher up off the bottom and creating larger spaces for larger fish. 
Large- At 15-30 pounds, large rocks can really enhance larger displays. If purchasing large rocks in addition to small and/or medium sizes we recommend one for a 30 gallon, two for a 50 gallon, and adding one additional rock for every ten to twenty gallon increase thereafter. *Large rocks will be visibly free of dirt but it is impossible to remove all soil from the inner portions of these rocks. Some soil may come out after placing in water. This is normal and is harmless to your fish. Not recommended for aquariums less than 30 gallons. 
Extra Large 30+ pounds- Email us for extra large pieces right for your aquarium dimensions. Good for aquariums 75 gallons and larger. We also have a limited quantity of rocks weighing hundreds of pounds for commercial sized displays. Inquire for details.​​
Upper Crust Rock
These rocks are rare and unique. Found in a rock layer millions of years younger than stacking rock, this limestone is truly a treasure. Each upper crust rock in our store has been hand selected to stand alone as an aquarium centerpiece. We highly recommend ordering stacking rock when ordering an upper crust rock. This gives you many more options when deciding how to position your rock. Stacking rocks used for bracing and balancing allow you more ways to configure the holey rock to your liking. Care should be taken when placing large pieces. One inch thick foam egg crate padding can be cut to the size of the glass bottom (inside the frame) and placed under the aquarium. This will compress to help distribute the weight of the load.