Real Holey Rock Seller

Authentic Texas Holey Rock 

Lone Star Holey Rock is the place to go when looking for real Texas holey rock. We provide this unique limestone found only in central Texas direct from the source. We first discovered holey rock while out for a walk on a hot summer day. Not long after, we discovered another layer millions of years younger at a higher elevation containing truly unique rocks perfect for aquarium displays. We call these Upper Crust Rocks. We are thrilled to bring our discovery of this exclusive natural resource to you.
After learning about the holey rock, we began keeping African Cichlids. Holey rock is of course absolutely beautiful, but the benefits it provides to our fish are incomparable!
Your rock is in our hands through every step of the process. Without any middlemen, we are able to keep prices low selling direct to you the customer.
Give this gift from nature to your aquarium and its inhabitants. We have a wide selection of rock that will give your fish tank a beautiful, natural look. See the Types of Rock tab for pictures and explanations of the different types of rock we offer.