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Welcome to Lonestar Holey Rock

Real Holey Rock Seller

Welcome to Lone Star Holey Rock! We are your source for aquarium limestone holey rock straight from central Texas. Whether you want to optimize your Cichlid display, create a stunning visual presentation for any species, or use holey rock as base rock for saltwater aquariums, you have come to the right place.

Holey rock is only found in central Texas and is known worldwide for its use in amazing aquarium exhibits. Holey Rock is perfect for building displays that cover the entire aquarium. By creating numerous caves and hiding places your fish will be happier, behave more naturally, and experience less stress.

Get creative! Get to stackin’ and create the ultimate fish haven in your own home, business, or exhibit.

That’s not all! Holey Rock….

Buffers the PH of the tank
Provides a place for beneficial algae that many fish feed upon
Promotes good bacteria which gets rid of harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrites from your tank
Gives fish an environment closer to their natural habitat
Enables non-aggressive fish safe places away from aggressive species
Creates a breeding and egg laying area
Looks stunning!
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